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Support > Product Data > CAD Files
VACS Viewer
ZIP Archive 3.62 MB 01/20/2014 VACS is useful for the daily engineering, when data from the measurement chamber, simulation results and calculations need to be graphed, compared and prepared for a report.
M88 with 2 S2 on Poles
Adobe PDF 240.18 KB 03/13/2014 Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
M88 with 2 S12 on Poles
Adobe PDF 246.67 KB 03/13/2014 Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
M88 with 2 S1 on Poles
Adobe PDF 228.21 KB 03/13/2014 Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader
M Series Control Software v1.0.9.0
ZIP Archive 4.50 MB 10/20/2008 A Windows application used to control the M Series line of Digital Processing Units. Unzip and run setup.exe to install. .NET Framework v2.1 or higher is required and available at the bottom of the page.
Line Array Calculator v2.4.0
ZIP Archive 3.59 MB 01/20/2014 Free Windows application used to calculate array coverage and determine proper settings for any event. Supports all MLA and N.LINE products. Download, unzip, and run setup.exe
ID66 Dimensional Drawing
Adobe PDF 136.84 KB 03/28/2014
ID66 A&E Specs
Adobe PDF 79.11 KB 03/28/2014
Required Plugins
CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Drivers 
6.5MB These drivers are required for device operation as a Virtual COM Port to facilitate host communication with CP210x products. These devices also interface to a host using the USBXpress direct access driver.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 
15.2MB This general purpose browser plugin allows you to view PDF files. On this website the PDF format is used for product literature, whitepapers, and press releases.
Adobe Flash Player 
700KB Adobe's Flash plugin allows a web browser to display animations and protected content.
7-Zip Archiver 
1.0MB This program allows you to compress and uncompress files. Compressing files allows for quicker download times.