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2-Way Full Range
1" x Dual 8", Line Array
60Hz - 18kHz / 90°
27.3in. x 10.17in. x 18in., 62.05lbs.
3-Way Full Range
Dual 1.4" x Dual 10" x Dual 15", Line Array
45Hz - 18kHz / 90°
58in. x 14in. x 28in., 199lbs.
3-Way Full Range
Dual 1" x Dual 8" x Dual 12", Line Array
50Hz - 18kHz / 90°
46.87in. x 10.96in. x 24.6in., 144lbs.

Large format touring... arenas, stadiums, festivals and sheds...

Massive arrays fully moved in, assembled and raised into the air in minutes. No lifting. No tools. No loose parts. No stress. No strain. No hassle. McCauley Sound's MONARC Integrated Rigging System changed the way people think about load-in.

The MONARC MLA6 and MONARC MS6 is McCauley's flagship line array system... built to deliver the full energy of any performance to every last seat of the world's premiere entertainment venues.

The MONARC MLA6 builds on the MLA5's success but adds an all-neodymium complement and updated hardware... yet remains fullly compatible and interoperable with MLA5.

The MS6 is precisely matched companion subwoofer for the MLA5/ MLA6 that can be either flown with the array or conventionally stacked.

Mid-size touring sound reinforcement solutions...

for operators who require enough flexibility and scaleability to do full size arena and shed events... yet still do good business within smaller venues like fair stages, theaters and live performance clubs.

The MONARC MLA3 makes its debut as the mid-size in the MONARC group, built on the same principals and with the same features as the large-format MLA6.

The compact touring line array class...

is for owners who operate in a wide variety of smaller venues and need the ultimate in versatility and scaleability... corporate events, small club tours, auditoriums, dance floors and other relatively intimate venues.

The highly affordable M.LINE compact line array system represents the industry's best value for ultra-compact line array, setting a new price-to-performance standard in the rental and staging class, offering maximized quality, scaleability, and versatility for small to medium size applications.

Installation? IN.LINE Installation-Grade Line Array.

A high performance, high fidelity sound reinforcement system which combines the superior sound reproduction qualities of a line array with the flexibility and affordability that installers require, the IN.LINE series offers contractors an ideal solution for installation where both performance and budget are key.

From the largest stadium tour to the smallest church installation, McCauley Sound has the perfect line array solution for your application.

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