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2-Way Full Range, 1" x 12", Coaxial, Direct Radiating
60Hz - 17kHz  /  80° x 80°
The AC92-1 was designed as a compact, full range system for smaller scale environments where high quality, high
SPL sound is needed from an extraordinarily small enclosure. The AC92-1 takes advantage of McCauley’s proprietary MCX coaxial transducer technology, which allows the AC92-1 to outperform conventional systems many times its size. Custom finishes are available.

The AC92-1 is a full range, 2-way point-source coaxial system in a trapezoidal, computer optimized enclosure. Loud speaker complement consists of a single proprietary coaxial device. Mechanical attachment aligns the acoustic center of the high frequency driver with that of the low frequency transducer, distributing perfectly aligned high and low frequency energy along an 80o conical coverage pattern. An optimized crossover network is included standard. Eyebolt receptacles are located on the top to facilitate installation. The enclosure is constructed of durable 12-ply void-free birch laminate, dadoed for strength and durability. Perforated steel is employed for frontal protection of the loudspeaker complement.
Compact Design
Coaxial Point-Source Design
Integrated Eyebolt Suspension
Optimized for Intelligibility
Dual Terminal-Strip Connectors
Optional White Finish
McCauley Performance Class Componentry
Perforated Steel Grill
12-Ply Dadoed Construction
Durable ProCoat Elastomeric Finish

This product has been discontinued

"The installation challenge was placing speakers where they were both aesthetically pleasing and would perform to the specifications. We chose (these) McCauley loudspeakers because they use high performance components and the cabi..."
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Dance / DJ Club
Night Club (Multi-purpose)
Distributed/Zoned Indoor
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