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2-Way Full Range, 2" x 15", Coaxial, Direct Radiating
60Hz - 17kHz  /  80° x 80°
The loudspeaker shall be a two-way type with one 15" Full Range 2 Way Coaxial Point Source driver mounted in a bass reflex enclosure. The low frequency section shall contain one MCX 15" “Focused Field” driver with a power handling capacity of 400 watts RMS and shall have a sensitivity of 98 dB SPL measured at 1 meter with 2.83 volts into a nominal 8 ohm load. The high frequency section shall consist of one MCX 2" exit compression driver and horn combination with a power handling capacity of 100 watts RMS and a sensitivity of 109 dB SPL measured at 1 meter with 2.83 volts into a nominal 16 ohm load. The combined loud speaker system shall be capable of 126dB SPL continuous and 132 dB SPL peak maximum output. The loud speaker system shall have an effective operating range of 70 Hz to 17 kHz +/- 3 dB (50Hz to 20 kHz -10 dB). The loudspeaker shall offer symmetrical coverage angles of 80o Horizontal, and 80o Vertical. The enclosure shall weigh a total of 62 lbs. and shall measure 18 inches tall, 18 inches wide (10.5 inches at rear), 16 inches deep. The enclosure shall have a 35o fixed angle bottom, and the sides shall be angled at 15o from front to back forming a trapezoidal shape. The enclosure shall be made of 12-ply birch hardwood and shall have a weather and wear resistant ProCoat(tm) elastomeric finish. Electrical connections shall be made via standard binding posts or barrier strips. An optimized passive crossover network shall be switchable between full range and biamp modes. The loudspeaker shall be the McCauley AC95-2.
Material  12-Ply Birch
Finish  Procoat, White Paint, Unfinished
Product Dimensions  17.88in. x 20in. x 15.88in.
454.15mm x 508mm x 403.35mm
Net Weight  71lbs.
Shipping Dimensions  21in. x 19in. x 23in.
533.4mm x 482.6mm x 584.2mm
Shipping Weight  77lbs.
Taper Width  10.57in.
Connectors  Terminal Strips (2), Terminal Strips (4)